Custom Cakes

A Comprehensive Guide to Ordering Cakes with TQC!


Custom Made Cakes

We make custom cakes for every occasion. Since we customize cakes to your preferred size, flavors, and design, you must order them in advance. On top of that, we offer a line of specialty cakes with a shorter turnaround than our fully customized cakes. Use this page as a resource to learn the steps for ordering a cake with TQC, view a photo gallery of some of our creations, see our line of specialty cakes, and view our FAQ’s.

ordering your cake

Step 1: Date, Time, & Theme

First, determine the date and time the cake is needed for and the theme of the event.

Step 2: cake size, cake flavor, & fillings

Then, determine the size, flavor and fillings you want. The best part if you ask us!

Step 3: reference photo

Next, find a reference photo from our photo gallery here, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to help guide our decorators.

Step 4: Place your order

After this, head over to our Custom Order Form with the above details handy and fill it out.

If you would like an inscription, please notify us at the time of placing your catering order. Writing on cakes is not always available on walk-in service. There is no charge for an inscription.


Step 5: confirmation, deposit & pick-up

Finally, confirm your order and make a deposit. Once we receive your order form, TQC staff will either call or email to confirm the details of your order and collect a 50% deposit. All orders are final within 72 hours.

Due to the popularity of the shop in the evening, we ask that you place orders and make pickups prior to 7pm. It can be more challenging to park on busy nights & weekends to place and pick-up orders. At peak hours, there is often a line to enter the shop due to reaching maximum capacity. Our busiest times tend to be Fridays and Saturdays and the week leading up to all major holidays.

Step 6: enjoy!

All desserts are best enjoyed at room temperature. In the warmer weather please keep your cake in a cooler or insulated bag with ice packs if traveling more than one hour. Buttercream holds up best, cream cheese, mascarpone, cannoli, goat cheese, and swiss buttercream tend to be more delicate. In colder weather buttercream can travel much longer.

Specialty cakes

Check out our line of specialty cakes. These cakes require a shorter turnaround time. Call us to inquire about availability!

It’s Yo’ Birthday Cake

Vanilla or Chocolate cake with vanilla or chocolate cream inside. Colored buttercream frosting, ganache drip, cherries and sprinkles.  Can write on top.

6” $27 8” $37 10” $47


Strawberries and Cream Cake

Vanilla cake with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries inside. Strawberry buttercream frosting. Cake crumbs and fresh strawberries on top.

6” $27 8” $37 10” $47


All Chocolate Everything Cake

Chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream. Frosted with chocolate buttercream. Drizzled with ganache and chocolate chips.

6” $27 8” $37 10” $47


Peanut Butter Lovers Cake

Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter. Frosted with chocolate or peanut butter frosting. Peanut butter drizzle, peanut butter candy on top.

6” $27 8” $37 10” $47

Red Velvet Cannoli Cake

Red velvet cake filled with and frosted with cannoli frosting. One of our most popular cakes!

Call store for pricing.


Lemon Coconut

Lemon ricotta cake with lemon curd inside. Lemon mascarpone frosting, covered in coconut on the sides.

6” $32 8” $42 10” $52


Classic Carrot or Red Velvet

Our carrot or red velvet cake filled with cream cheese frosting. Decorated in cream cheese frosting on the outside with a traditional border.

6” $27 8” $37 10” $47



Funfetti cake filled with vanilla cream with your choice of colored buttercream and fun sprinkles.

6” $27 8” $37 10” $47


You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Take a look at our Cake Ordering FAQ’s below!

Do you make specialty cakes?

Yes, we do. We make cakes depending on your theme, color scheme or anything you may think of when planning your event.

How far in advance should I order?

We ask for one week notice for cake orders. The cutoff for the upcoming week is on Sunday. The reason being, we like to work with you on your vision and come up with an idea or design that you love.

Should I provide a photo of what I am looking for?

We encourage our customers to bring in a reference photo so that we can decide on a cake design together. It’s always easier for our decorators to have a photo visual when they are working on your cake.

What if I am in a bind and really need cakes on short notice?

I can promise you that we do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests. However, over the weekends, we are making cakes to our max capacity. If we feel like we can help you out, we absolutely will, but please have an idea in mind so that we can move swiftly through that process. We also have daily case cakes as an option as well.

What size cakes do you offer?

We offer:

-4 inch cakes (base price $15)

-6 inch cakes (base price $27)

-8 inch cakes (base price $37)

-10 inch cakes (base price $47)

-Two tiered 6+8 (base price $90)

-Two tiered 8+1o (base price $120)

-Three-tiered cake (base price $175)

-Half sheet (base price $65)

-Full sheet cake (base price $100)

Why is there a base price?

All cakes start off at a base price to give you an idea of the original cost. Please note that any additional charges are a result of the love we put into the cake! Any custom cake with a design is worked on with lots of love for hours at a time. We will always tell you the cost upfront.

What kind of cake flavors and fillings do you offer?

Here are some cake options:




-Cookies n Crème


-Lemon Ricotta

-Red Velvet

-Carrot Cake




-Vanilla Cream (variations of funfetti, caramel etc. available)

-Chocolate Cream

-Fresh Fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) when available

-Cheesecake ($5)

-Cannoli ($5)

-Chocolate Ganache


Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit when ordering.

I need to feed 8 people, what size cake should I get?

4 inch cakes (feeds 2-5 people)

6 inch cakes (8-10)

8 inch cakes (12-16)

10 inch cakes (20-24)

Two tiered (30+)

Two tiered 8+10 (40+)

-Three-tiered cake 6+8+10 (50+)

-Half sheet (30+)

-Full Sheet (50+)

Do I need to make an appointment to place an order?

We don’t require appointments. However, we do ask to keep in mind if possible that our busiest times are on Fridays and Saturdays. We also ask to not place custom orders during the holidays or during a holiday pick up time. We would love to help you by email during these times, otherwise, you can call and request a time to stop by to ensure someone can help you.

Do you work with fondant?

We do work with some fondant details but do not work completely in fondant. Please feel free to take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our style.

How long do I have to make changes to my order?

All orders are final within 72 hours.

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