Over the past year, I have transitioned from a full-time college student to a full time working “adult”. I am 23 years old, still living with my parents, recently graduated from college, working full time, and trying to balance a healthy lifestyle.

If I asked myself a year ago what motivates me it would be easy… I would have answered graduating from college and making a great life for myself. But now that I have graduated and I am trying to make that life for myself, I have different motives.

Every day I wake up surrounded by amazing people. My family and friends, my boyfriend, the girls I work with, my boss, the list goes on and on. And it is through them that I find a lot of my motivation. Surrounding yourself with people that care about and support everything you do is very motivating. I couldn’t imagine waking up every day doing something I dislike or being surrounded by people that didn’t support me and my goals.

I strive for perfection. Sometimes I think it can be bad always wanting things to come out perfectly or just how you envisioned. But just because I like to set the bar high, it doesn’t mean I will always reach that “bar”… and that’s okay. Failing every once in a while is helpful. It reminds me that there still is so much to learn and explore. Curiosity is a huge motivator for me. I always like to learn something new. Whether it’s becoming more knowledgeable in a topic I am previously familiar with or maybe even something I’m not.

Now, I’m not saying that every day I wake up motivated and ready to conquer the day. If we’re being honest here, there are some days I wake up and just want to go back to bed for the rest of the day. But on those days, it’s the people I surround myself with that provide me with that extra push.