Be a Friendly Face.


The Queen’s Cups has always and will continue to be a place that is accepting of everyone, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. We pride ourselves on our love for the beautiful community that surrounds us. There is no room for hatred when you are baking!

We stand together in solidarity with love and the upmost respect for our black community. We hope to provide a safe space where everyone continues to feel welcome, equal and appreciated.

We proudly stand by those who peacefully protest against racism, hatred and violent acts. The peaceful protests we have seen have been a beautiful demonstration of the fight for equality in our nation.  

Behind our business are people with feelings of heartbreak, sadness, confusion and anger. Our whole world has changed as we know it. As a small business, the past few months have been the hardest we’ve ever gone through. And now, we see our country completely under duress because of the recent killing of George Floyd and the accumulation of built up anger over things that need to change. We vow to be positive, and offer a space that hopefully provides you with a smile or a laugh.  

Moving forward, we will continue to educate ourselves and be vigilant of how we treat others and how others are treated. We will advocate for what is right and wrong. Our values will stay the same; as we love and respect all of you.

Be a friendly face. Kindness helps.