January Non-Profit Spotlight: Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction


Our charity for the month of January is the Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction. We asked Jenn Bernard, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst at CABI, a few questions about the organizations and why donations to CABI will be so important this month. Check out what she had to say!

  1. Tell us a little about your organization. 

Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction is a private, non-profit day school located in Worcester MA. We provide services to children on the autism spectrum and other related disorders with age ranges 6-22. Each student has customized programs for academic, social, and behavioral needs. We have an all-encompassing approach to meet the goals of the students, whether they are learning skills at the desk, during group instruction, or in the community, our staff are always helping our students succeed.

  1. What’s the mission of the organization?

“Our mission is to provide each child with the requisite skills to promote greater independence leading to a more fulfilling life. Students at CABI receive instruction through a variety of modalities, ensuring a thorough and effective education.”

  1. Why is the work you do so important?

Working with individuals who have special needs can always present its challenges, but what makes it important is our persistence and consistency to help these students reach their highest potential. Sometimes that may start with eye contact that leads to a greeting which leads to a conversation. Other times it may be following a schedule to increase independence which can then be carried over home with getting dressed or helping with chores. Each step, big or small, builds off the next and helps create a life of equality and success.

  1. How will donations from TQC help this month? What specific things will donations support?

One project CABI has been passionately working on is a student lounge area and mock apartment (in-house fully built mock apartment including windows, siding, entrance door, mailbox, and a one-bedroom studio apartment with kitchenette all within our school vocational lab). Additionally, donations may also support the ever-increasing need for technology for students to access learning in our remote and hybrid learning models.

  1. How can someone get involved with your organization?

We have very informative website at https://cabiautism.org that can tell you even more about the school, our diverse student and staff population, and job opportunities for anyone interested in the field of ABA and Special Education.

  1. Why is Worcester and its community special to the organization?

CABI is located on Greenwood Street in Worcester which couldn’t be a better fitting city since they both represent diversity and acceptance. Having an accepting community is key to our student’s success; (pre-Covid) we frequently accessed the community and worked to bridge some of the stigmas this field and population may have in society. Our students access Worcester’s local grocery stores, post offices, laundromats, restaurants, city parks, city transportation, and the YMCA to practice daily living skills. We have made cards for children who are in the hospital, and dog treats for the K-9’s at the fire department. We know the importance of diversity within a community and are happy to be a small part of Worcester’s cultural initiatives.