What is it like transitioning from a large volume production bakery to The Queen’s Cups?

Alycia with some cupcakes

Every bakery opens its doors with the same goal in mind. That goal normally is baking desserts that customers will fall in love with, bringing them back in the door day after day. How bakeries go about reaching that goal is what differentiates them from each other.

I am still young in the industry but I have been fortunate enough to work in a few different bakeries before starting at The Queen’s Cups. Each bakery has been different in their own way but none have compared to working at TQC. At TQC we want the customer to have the most enjoyable experience possible. This is normal for most bakeries to want to achieve, but here we try to reach this goal a little differently. When you are running such a high volume production bakery (like ones I have worked in prior to TQC) it can get hard keeping up with the demand of customers. I would be baking in such large quantities that at the end of the day the product would be double wrapped and placed in the freezer for a later date. At TQC the items that the customers are receiving is mixed, baked, decorated, and available for the customer to purchase that same day.

Transitioning from such a high volume production bakery to TQC was like a whole new world to me. There was nothing wrong with the bakeries I worked in prior but there was just something different that TQC had to offer. In most bakeries, there is a strict list of items that need to be made in a day. At TQC we come in and just get to work. There is no list to follow or any strict products that have to be made. In the kitchen, there are eight of us in total. We all have something different we specialize in and are encouraged to come in every day with ideas of items we can test out. We are given the freedom to be creative and come up with desserts and items that are unique and can’t be found in other bakeries. Renee has created a work environment that motivates us all to be the best versions of ourselves. We bounce ideas off of each other and come up with products unlike any other.

At the end of the day, bakeries can only hope that customers will come in and leave their doors happy. We all serve the same purpose but have different ways of operating. There is nothing wrong with working in a large-scale production bakery, but for me, I have found TQC to be the perfect home.


-Alycia Wagner

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