To our valued Queen’s Cups customers:

UPDATE: 3/16/2020- As we have continued to monitor the development of COVID-19, we have decided for the safety of our staff, guests, and community that we close our shop for the week. We have contacted everyone with a custom order to make arrangements and we are currently working on options for a select menu for guests to call ahead and pick up as well as delivery. We are also working on options to open next week with limited patrons in our shop and the dining room closed. We are incredibly heartbroken for the impact this will have on so many small businesses we love, their employees, and their families. As a boss, I am heartbroken for my employees. I appreciate their support and understanding during this time. I also have endless gratitude for so many customers and friends who have reached out. We will get through this!

3/13/2020- As we are all aware of what is going on around the world regarding the Corona Virus, we are extremely sympathetic to everyone who is feeling the impacts.  This will affect everyone in one way or another, and as a small business, we are concerned for what is to come.

We are always appreciative of our customers and the smiling faces that come through our doors every day. We are proud to work with local vendors, contractors and small business owners to keep The Queen’s Cups up and running.  Most importantly, we employ twenty-five wonderful people here, many of whom have grown with our company.

Despite all the media coverage, we are working diligently to continue our high standards of cleanliness around the shop to ensure our patrons and employees stay safe and healthy. Our managerial staff has had multiple conversations and meetings to continue our high-quality standards of cleanliness, in and outside of work, and come up with a plan for the coming weeks. We are taking this situation very seriously.

Some steps that we have taken include:

  • Shutting off our electronic signature option on our register system
  • The continued practice of washing our hands when entering our workspace, and multiple times throughout the day
  • Continuous cleaning of all surfaces, handles, bathrooms multiple times an hour
  • All employees change gloves after each customer interaction or after handling food
  • Deep cleanings from Peachy Clean Cleaning Service, LLC
  • Reminding staff members to not come to work if feeling under the weather
  • Suggesting the use of credit cards rather than cash to prevent the handling of money.
  • The list will continue to grow as we learn more about this virus.

We want to ensure you that we are taking all the precautions we can. We urge you to continue supporting our small business and keeping your money local whenever you can. Our business loves the support we receive from our community and would love to be the space you enter to feel safe and happy.

As always, during a time of uncertainty and unrest, we would like to leave you with a quote that resonates greatly with our community at The Queen’s Cups; “Alone, we can do so little, together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)

Please feel free to personally contact me with any issues or concerns.

Renee Diaz, [email protected]